Why Kaiku?

So why should you choose Kaiku Helsinki? The answer is simple. We make you relevant.

And why is that so important? We know you’ve got an important message to share, but how do you reach your target market? We at Kaiku Helsinki challenge you with the most important question: how do you stand out? Hint: it’s not always a matter of who’s got the loudest voice.

Here’s where #RelevanceDesign steps into the picture.

Based on a combination of hard data and creativity, Kaiku Helsinki will make you and your message stand out from the crowd and have the desired effect, becoming the most relevant in the minds of those you want to impress.

Whether it’s consumers, b2b decision-makers, social media folk, your company’s internal target groups or societal influencers you’re going after, Relevance Design will make you stand out.

Communications with a coaching effect

As a coaching communications agency, we’re able to develop and nurture your communication skills, whether you need help with media presentations, social media channels, crisis management, or interpersonal skills. Our experienced coaching professionals will tailor a development program specifically suited to your needs.

Learn more about what we do and offer. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email if you’re looking to boost the state of your communications. And don’t just take our word for it! Straight from the horse’s mouth, below you can read what our customers say about us.

Tilaa kaikuhelsinki uutiskirje

Kaiku has been a truly wonderful partner for Hoas. Together we’ve taken our communications to the next level. In addition, our cooperation has been fun and insightful. We’ve attained new perspectives, new business models and what’s best – more positive publicity. I would highly recommend Kaiku to any company.

Matti Tarhio, CEO, Hoas

Kaiku’s team is skillful, agile and full of ideas. Professionals with a capital P! We’re constantly developing Vattenfall’s business together, which means that we keep learning as we progress. We use hard data to analyze our activities to further develop our business. You can depend on Kaiku to have the braveness to question current methods and stale ways of working – that’s where the results are born. We’ve exceeded our goals every year. A big plus is the great breakfast we get served in our monthly planning meetings!

Sirpa Aula, Head of Communications, Vattenfall Oy

With the help of Kaiku’s skillful experts our cooperation bears fruit when we develop our business and create results. Kaiku is continuously helping to strengthen Oral’s brand with their resourceful attitude. At the same time, Kaiku produces cost effective customer-oriented content marketing based on the themes we choose together. Kaiku is an essential part of the development of Oral’s communications from strategy implementation to advancing sales. At the center of our ooperation with Kaiku are business and the customer, and Kaiku delivers by being surprisingly flexible and agile. One of the best parts is that Kaiku is enthusiastic about developing our business and always encouraging towards our communication and cooperation.

Minna Lönnqvist, Head of Communications and Marketing, Oral Hammaslääkärit

Working with Kaiku has been profitable and easygoing. Together we’re creating content that is relevant to both our customers and the media. Thanks to Kaiku’s insightful advice and help, we’ve managed to become a more interesting part of our customers’ everyday lives.

Kati Puukko, Head of Marketing and Communications, Scandic Hotels

At Finnish Tax Administration we encounter thousands of customers every day in different channels. With these encounters, the language is an integral part of the user interface. Kaiku Helsinki has been our user interface expert. They’ve guided our personnel towards an open and inclusive society using communications.

Mikko Mattinen, Head of Communications, Finnish Tax Administration

Kaiku Helsinki has been conducting media coachings for Finnish Forest Industries for the past five years. The quality has always been top notch and the feedback from the participants extremely positive. Kaiku has also been involved in developing our social media channels and challenging communications cases, and has always delivered excellent results. Add the unusually smooth cooperation, great team spirit and quirky humor, and you can understand what it’s like working with Kaiku. They’re a very reliable partner, who we would gladly recommend to anyone.

Anne Pirilä, Head of Communications, Finnish Forest Industries

Kaiku has been Expedia’s PR partner in Finland since spring 2015. Kaiku has introduced Expedia and its business to the press and positioned Expedia as a new source of information in a market where the company was not well-known. We are particularly happy about the visibility Kaiku has secured us in Finland’s main media outlets. After just a short period of time, Expedia is now regarded as a leading expert in the travel industry and a source of interesting data regarding traveller preferences and trends from all over the world. Kaiku’s performance in building awareness in a market where we are not doing advertising has been exemplary, and we have the figures to prove it.

Michele Maschio, Sr PR Manager EMEA, Expedia

Kaiku has been working with Panasonic Nordic to promote our products since 2009, first with Conexio and since 2013 with Kaiku. This decision was made after extensive research to find the best firm to help us increase our public relations efforts. To say that I have been pleased with their results in Finland would be an understatement. The team is very professional and has good contact with the journalists that we would like to reach. Kaiku staff is well-organized and innovative in their approach to securing press contacts for us. Outstanding team of professionals!

Christer Ericsson, PR & Environmental affairs, Panasonic Nordic

Kaiku Helsinki has handled our industry’s communications needs beautifully. The media coverage on Kauko and the products we represent has been extensive. Activities taken under Kaiku’s leadership have been well-planned and professional, and Kaiku has always managed to stick to the desired timeframe. Kaiku’s people have an in depth understanding of technology, and they really know how to raise discussion around the topic in an interesting and understandable manner. Cooperation with Kaiku has increased our sales: with carefully planned media operations, such as press events or releases we’ve received immediate interest from our customers.

Kyösti Ollila, Industry Leader, Kauko Ltd.