Did you know that every minute there’s 72 hours worth of new content uploaded on YouTube? It doesn’t stop there: Facebook witnesses 2,4 million new updates every minute, Twitter sees 277000 new tweets and Instagram 216000 photos. One average, a regular Finnish newspaper receives hundreds of press releases on a daily basis. Business professionals receive a staggering 120 emails daily.

This being the situation, it’s fairly difficult for anyone to stand out from the all the noise.

We at Kaiku Helsinki are proclaiming that the time of irrelevant communications is over. We plan and produce content with the principles of #RelevanceDesign, which we apply to media relations, customer newsletters and social media. We make sure that the message gets through to your customer in the most relevant manner possible. We want our customers to stand out in their own category. This applies to everything we do.


Content is king – that’s what they say right? We won’t try to deny this, since that’s just the way it is. Since there are more and more services and products available, it’s more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Except – of course – with us. We’ll create a relevant and productive content strategy designed for your brand along with noteworthy content to go with it. For spreading the message, we use the most current tools – from social media to native marketing.

Content strategy and productionNative marketing and blogger relationsInfluencer marketing


The industry expertise comes from your end, naturally, but many times it’s difficult to see outside your own box. When your message needs clarifying or your brain gets stuck, we’ll bring in valuable insight and fresh ideas. Our experienced strategic consultants will grab the bull by its horns and take your organisation’s communications to the next level. Strategic communications is no piece of cake, and external insight will lead to improved results.

Relevance strategyStrategy implementationDesign workshops


Companies and organizations don’t exist in caves, at least not anymore. The society sets many limitations, and possibilities, for their existence. On many occasions, the changes in the regulation environment can surprise you – unfortunately, often when it’s too late. Anticipatory influencing work is necessary, and Kaiku is your most suitable partner for this. With a well-planned strategy for influencer communications, active approach and multiple networks you can easily prepare for changes or affect where the change leads you. Well-maintained public affairs are a great competitive advantage for any company.

CoachingInfluencer meetings


The media field has been in big turmoil over the recent years. While the number of medias is reducing and the demand for communications is rising exponentially, there’s a brutal battle going on for the attention of journalists. Quirky ideas, strong journalist relationships, knowledge of the media field with creative concepts are what guarantee your message gets through to the right medias. Be assured that we come packed with all of these qualities – plus some pretty good extras.

Media relationsMedia eventsPR campaigns


Is tweeting a source for money? How can you best serve your customers on Facebook? Is Snapchat a good tool for advancing sales? In this day and age, communications don’t exist without social media. Social media supports your sales, attends to your customers and inspires your target groups – when it’s planned carefully and executed according to the current communications climate.
Kaiku’s SoMe ninjas will make your brand a star. We’ll sketch and produce the most relevant content and campaigns for your brand and measure their success with hard data. We’ll lead you through the channel jungle and protect your brand in social media turmoil.

Social media campaignsSocial media strategySocial media trainings


Should the head of your company work on their presentation skills? Is the company blog in desperate need of a expert’s touch? Kaiku offers coaching – or coaching programs – to suit any communication need. We understand that time spent away from the usual work week is valuable, and must be used to add real value to the business. At Kaiku, it’s of most importance to us that those attending the coaching will afterwards return to work inspired and be able to use tricks learned from the sessions directly in practice. Our coaching methods are practical and inclusive.

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