• Kaiku Helsinki delivers your message, while helping you learn something new. We offer top quality services in marketing PR, public affairs, social media, and communications training.


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We are part of Northern Link PR, a Nordic chain of PR agencies.

To provide wide international communications services, we also work together with Grayling PR and Hotwire PR.

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The story of Kaiku Helsinki is like a traditional love story that started in the autumn of 2012 when two Finnish PR agencies, Conexio and Aleksin Kaiku, crossed paths. The story had a happy ending; a fusion of two equal partners, willing to build something new and exciting together. Before joining forces, Conexio had been a part of the Finnish PR scene since 1995, and Aleksin Kaiku since 2008.

Kaiku Helsinki's core values are authenticity, courage and integrity.

Located in the heart of Helsinki, our office is occupied by 20 professionals working hard to find the best solutions for our customers in PR and communications, public affairs, social media services, and communications training.

We don’t only do what needs to be done; we always strive to deliver something extra. We want to help our customers learn and develop new skills, and that’s what actually happens – see for yourself.

Kaiku Helsinki is part of Northern Link PR, an independent network of highly skilled and experienced communications professionals in the Nordic countries. Our Nordic colleagues are based in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.